Source code for ecs_composex.common.outputs

#  -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# Copyright 2020-2021 John Mille <>

Functions to format CFN template Outputs

from troposphere import (

from ecs_composex.common import LOG
from ecs_composex.common.cfn_conditions import USE_STACK_NAME_CON_T
from ecs_composex.common.cfn_params import ROOT_STACK_NAME_T, Parameter
from ecs_composex.common.ecs_composex import CFN_EXPORT_DELIMITER

[docs]def validate(value): """ Method to validate the input :raises: ValueError """ if not len(value) == 3: raise ValueError( "Output argument expects Name, AttributeName, Value. Only got", len(value), ) if not isinstance(value[0], (Parameter, str)): raise TypeError("Name should be of type", str, Parameter, "Got", type(value[0])) if not isinstance(value[1], str): raise TypeError("AttributeName should be of type", str, "Got", type(value[1])) valid_type = issubclass(type(value[2]), AWSHelperFn) if not (valid_type or isinstance(value[2], (str, int))): raise TypeError("Value type is", type(value[2]), "Expected", str, AWSHelperFn)
[docs]class ComposeXOutput(object): """ Class to make the output easier. """ delim = CFN_EXPORT_DELIMITER stack_string_base = f"${{{AWS_STACK_NAME}}}{delim}" root_string_base = f"${{{ROOT_STACK_NAME_T}}}{delim}" def __init__(self, resource, values, export=True, duplicate_attr=False): """ Initialize the output class. :param resource: The object to export attributes for. :param bool export: """ self.object_repr = None self.duplicate_attr = duplicate_attr self.validate_input(resource, values, export, duplicate_attr) self.values = values self.outputs = [] for value in self.values: if not isinstance(value, tuple): raise TypeError( "All values should be a tuple of (str, value). Got", type(value), ) validate(value) attr_name = ( value[0] if not isinstance(value[0], Parameter) else value[0].title ) output_ext = value[1] attr_value = value[2] stack_string = ( f"{self.stack_string_base}{self.object_repr}{self.delim}{attr_name}" ) root_string = ( f"{self.root_string_base}{self.object_repr}{self.delim}{attr_name}" ) output_name = f"{self.object_repr}{output_ext}" output = Output(output_name, Value=attr_value) if export: output.Export = Export( If( USE_STACK_NAME_CON_T, Sub(stack_string), Sub(root_string), ) ) self.outputs.append(output) if self.duplicate_attr: output = Output(attr_name, Value=attr_value) self.outputs.append(output)
[docs] def validate_input(self, resource, values, export=True, duplicate_attr=False): if issubclass(type(resource), AWSObject) and hasattr(resource, "title"): self.object_repr = resource.title elif isinstance(resource, str): self.object_repr = resource elif isinstance(resource, Parameter): self.object_repr = resource.title elif resource is None: self.object_repr = "" if duplicate_attr: self.duplicate_attr = False else: raise TypeError( "object should be a subclass of", AWSObject, "Got", type(resource), ) if not isinstance(values, list): raise TypeError("values must be of type", list)
[docs]def get_import_value(title, attribute_name, delimiter=None): """ Wrapper function to define ImportValue for defined resource name :param title: name of the resource exported :param attribute_name: attribute exported :param delimiter: delimiter between stack name, resource name and attribute :return: """ if delimiter is None: delimiter = CFN_EXPORT_DELIMITER elif not isinstance(delimiter, str): LOG.error( f"delimiter must be of type str, got {type(delimiter)}. Setting to default" ) delimiter = CFN_EXPORT_DELIMITER return ImportValue( Sub(f"${{{ROOT_STACK_NAME_T}}}{delimiter}{title}{delimiter}{attribute_name}") )