This extension allows you to define an AWS EventBride rule to stop start services at specific times of the day or based on specific events.


You can find all the properties on the AWS CFN Events Rules definitions .


You do not need to define Targets to point to the services defined in docker-compose. Refer to Services for that.


No specific parameters at this time!


No specific settings at this time!


There we define the tasks we want to deploy at specific times or events.

Services syntax for rules
name: service_name
TaskCount: <N>
DeleteDefaultService: True/False (default. False)


Here we want to define the name of the family we want to use for trigger. If the service is not defined as part of a specific family, you can use the service name itself.

See also

Required: Yes.


Same property as for ECS Parameters of the Task Rule target definition itself, this allows you to set a specific number of tasks.

Required: Yes.


Not using deploy/replicas on purpose, because of the DeleteDefaultService option


Custom setting, this allows you to NOT define a ECS Service along with the task, therefore you will only get the TaskDefinition created.