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#  -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# Copyright 2020-2021 John Mille <>

Common functions and variables fetched from AWS.
import re
import secrets
from string import ascii_lowercase
from time import sleep

from botocore.exceptions import ClientError
from import get_assume_role_session, validate_iam_role_arn
from compose_x_common.compose_x_common import keyisset
from tabulate import tabulate

from ecs_composex.common import LOG
from ecs_composex.iam import ROLE_ARN_ARG

[docs]def get_cross_role_session(session, arn, region_name=None, session_name=None): """ Function to override ComposeXSettings session to specific session for Lookup :param boto3.session.Session session: The original session fetching the credentials for X-Role :param str arn: :param str region_name: Name of region for session :param str session_name: Override name of the session :return: boto3 session from lookup settings :rtype: boto3.session.Session """ if not session_name: session_name = "ComposeX@Lookup" try: return get_assume_role_session( session, arn, region=region_name, session_name=session_name ) except ClientError: LOG.error(f"Failed to use the Role ARN {arn}") raise
[docs]def define_lookup_role_from_info(info, session): """ Function to override ComposeXSettings session to specific session for Lookup :param info: :param session: :return: boto3 session from lookup settings :rtype: boto3.session.Session """ if not keyisset(ROLE_ARN_ARG, info): return session validate_iam_role_arn(info[ROLE_ARN_ARG]) return get_cross_role_session(session, info[ROLE_ARN_ARG])
[docs]def define_tagsgroups_filter_tags(tags): """ Function to create the filters out of tags list :param list tags: list of Key/Value dict :return: filters :rtype: list """ filters = [] for tag in tags: key = list(tag.keys())[0] filter_name = key filter_value = tag[key] filters.append({"Key": filter_name, "Values": (filter_value,)}) return filters
[docs]def get_resources_from_tags(session, aws_resource_search, search_tags): """ :param boto3.session.Session session: The boto3 session for API calls :param str aws_resource_search: AWS Service short code, ie. rds, ec2 :param list search_tags: The tags to search the resource with. :return: """ try: client = session.client("resourcegroupstaggingapi") resources_r = client.get_resources( ResourceTypeFilters=[aws_resource_search], TagFilters=search_tags ) return resources_r except ClientError as error: LOG.error(error) LOG.error("Not processing this resource. Skipping") return None
[docs]def handle_multi_results(arns, name, res_type, regexp, allow_multi=False): """ Function to evaluate more than one result to see if we can match an unique name. :param list arns: :param str name: :param str res_type: :param str regexp: :raises LookupError: :return: The ARN of the resource matching the name. """ found = 0 found_arn = None re_finder = re.compile(regexp) for arn in arns: found_name = re_finder.match(arn).groups()[0] if found_name and found_name == name: found += 1 found_arn = arn if found == 1:"Matched {res_type} {name}") return found_arn elif not allow_multi and found > 1: raise LookupError( f"More than one result was found for {name} / {res_type} " "but could not match the name to a single resource." "Found", arns, ) elif found == 0: raise LookupError( f"No {res_type} named {name} was found with the provided tags." " Found with provided tags", [re_finder.match(arn).groups()[0] for arn in arns], ) elif allow_multi and found > 1:"Found multiple resources for {res_type} and Name/Id {name}.") return arns
[docs]def handle_search_results( arns, name, res_types, aws_resource_search, allow_multi=False ): """ Function to parse tag resource search results :param list arns: :param str name: :param dict res_types: :param str aws_resource_search: :return: """ if not arns: raise LookupError( "No resources were found with the provided tags and information", name, aws_resource_search, ) if arns and isinstance(name, str): return handle_multi_results( arns, name, aws_resource_search, res_types[aws_resource_search]["regexp"], allow_multi=allow_multi, ) elif not name and len(arns) == 1:"Matched {aws_resource_search} to AWS Resource") return arns[0] elif not allow_multi and not name and len(arns) > 1: raise LookupError( f"More than one resource {name}:{aws_resource_search} was found with the current tags." "Found", arns, ) elif allow_multi and len(arns) > 1: return arns
[docs]def validate_search_input(res_types, res_type): """ Function to validate the search query :param dict res_types: :param str res_type: :return: """ if not isinstance(res_type, str): raise KeyError("type must be one of", res_types.keys(), "Got", res_type) if res_type not in res_types.keys(): raise KeyError( f"There is not resource type {res_type} defined. Got", res_types.keys(), )
[docs]def find_aws_resource_arn_from_tags_api( info, session, aws_resource_search, types=None, allow_multi=False ): """ Function to find the RDS DB based on info :param dict info: :param boto3.session.Session session: Boto3 session for clients :param str aws_resource_search: Resource type we are after within the AWS Service, ie. cluster, instance :param dict types: Additional types to match. :return: """ res_types = { "secretsmanager:secret": { "regexp": r"(?:^arn:aws(?:-[a-z]+)?:secretsmanager:[\w-]+:[0-9]{12}:secret:)([\S]+)(?:-[A-Za-z0-9]{1,6})$" }, } if types is not None and isinstance(types, dict): res_types.update(types) validate_search_input(res_types, aws_resource_search) search_tags = ( define_tagsgroups_filter_tags(info["Tags"]) if keyisset("Tags", info) else () ) name = info["Name"] if keyisset("Name", info) else None resources_r = get_resources_from_tags(session, aws_resource_search, search_tags) LOG.debug(search_tags) if not resources_r or not keyisset("ResourceTagMappingList", resources_r): arns = [] else: arns = [i["ResourceARN"] for i in resources_r["ResourceTagMappingList"]] return handle_search_results( arns, name, res_types, aws_resource_search, allow_multi=allow_multi )
[docs]def get_region_azs(session): """Function to return the AZ from a given region. Uses default region for this :param boto3.session.Session session: Boto3 session :return: list of AZs in the given region :rtype: list """ return session.client("ec2").describe_availability_zones()["AvailabilityZones"]
[docs]def get_account_id(session): """ Function to get the current session account ID :param boto3.session.Session session: Boto3 Session to make the API call. :return: account ID :rtype: str """ return session.client("sts").get_caller_identity()["Account"]
[docs]def assert_can_create_stack(client, name): """ Checks whether a stack already exists or not """ try: stack_r = client.describe_stacks(StackName=name) if not keyisset("Stacks", stack_r): return True stacks = stack_r["Stacks"] if len(stacks) != 1: raise LookupError("Too many stacks found with machine name", name) stack = stacks[0] if stack["StackStatus"] == "REVIEW_IN_PROGRESS": return stack return False except ClientError as error: if ( error.response["Error"]["Code"] == "ValidationError" and error.response["Error"]["Message"].find("does not exist") > 0 ): return True raise error
[docs]def assert_can_update_stack(client, name): """ Checks whether a stack already exists or not """ can_update_statuses = [ "CREATE_COMPLETE", "ROLLBACK_COMPLETE", "UPDATE_COMPLETE", "UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE", ] res = client.describe_stacks(StackName=name) if not res["Stacks"]: return False stack = res["Stacks"][0]["StackStatus"]) if stack["StackStatus"] in can_update_statuses: return True return False
[docs]def validate_stack_availability(settings, root_stack): """ Function to check that the stack can be updated :param settings: :param root_stack: :return: """ if not settings.upload: raise RuntimeError( "You selected --no-upload, which is incompatible with --deploy." ) elif not root_stack.TemplateURL.startswith("https://"): raise ValueError( f"The URL for the stack is incorrect.: {root_stack.TemplateURL}", "TemplateURL must be a s3 URL", )
[docs]def deploy(settings, root_stack): """ Function to deploy (create or update) the stack to CFN. :param ComposeXSettings settings: :param ComposeXStack root_stack: :return: """ validate_stack_availability(settings, root_stack) client = settings.session.client("cloudformation") if assert_can_create_stack(client, res = client.create_stack(, Capabilities=["CAPABILITY_IAM", "CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND"], Parameters=root_stack.render_parameters_list_cfn(), TemplateURL=root_stack.TemplateURL, )"Stack {} successfully deployed.")["StackId"]) return res["StackId"] elif assert_can_update_stack(client, LOG.warning(f"Stack {} already exists. Updating.") res = client.update_stack(, Capabilities=["CAPABILITY_IAM", "CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND"], Parameters=root_stack.render_parameters_list_cfn(), TemplateURL=root_stack.TemplateURL, )"Stack {} successfully updating.")["StackId"]) return res["StackId"] return None
[docs]def get_change_set_status(client, change_set_name, settings): pending_statuses = [ "CREATE_PENDING", "CREATE_IN_PROGRESS", "DELETE_PENDING", "DELETE_IN_PROGRESS", "REVIEW_IN_PROGRESS", ] success_statuses = ["CREATE_COMPLETE", "DELETE_COMPLETE"] failed_statuses = ["DELETE_FAILED", "FAILED"] ready = False status = None while not ready: status = client.describe_change_set( ChangeSetName=change_set_name, ) if status["Status"] in failed_statuses: raise SystemExit("Change set is unsucessful", status["Status"]) if status["Status"] in pending_statuses: print( "ChangeSet creation in progress. Waiting 10 seconds", end="\r", flush=True, ) sleep(10) elif status["Status"] in success_statuses: ready = True print( tabulate( [ [ change["ResourceChange"]["LogicalResourceId"], change["ResourceChange"]["ResourceType"], change["ResourceChange"]["Action"], ] for change in status["Changes"] ], ["LogicalResourceId", "ResourceType", "Action"], tablefmt="rst", ) ) return status
[docs]def plan(settings, root_stack): """ Function to create a recursive change-set and return diffs :param ComposeXSettings settings: :param ComposeXStack root_stack: :return: """ validate_stack_availability(settings, root_stack) client = settings.session.client("cloudformation") change_set_name = f"{}" + "".join( secrets.choice(ascii_lowercase) for _ in range(10) ) if assert_can_create_stack(client, or assert_can_update_stack( client, ): client.create_change_set(, Capabilities=["CAPABILITY_IAM", "CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND"], Parameters=root_stack.render_parameters_list_cfn(), TemplateURL=root_stack.TemplateURL, UsePreviousTemplate=False, IncludeNestedStacks=True, ChangeSetType="CREATE", ChangeSetName=change_set_name, ) status = get_change_set_status(client, change_set_name, settings) if status: apply_q = input("Want to apply? [yN]: ") if apply_q in ["y", "Y", "YES", "Yes", "yes"]: client.execute_change_set( ChangeSetName=change_set_name, ) else: delete_q = input("Cleanup ChangeSet ? [yN]: ") if delete_q in ["y", "Y", "YES", "Yes", "yes"]: client.delete_stack(