Source code for ecs_composex.resources_import

#  -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# Copyright 2020-2021 John Mille <>

Module to import CFN Resources defined by their properties

from inspect import isfunction

from compose_x_common.compose_x_common import keyisset, keypresent
from troposphere import AWSHelperFn, AWSProperty

[docs]def handle_list(properties, property_class): """ Function to handle list properties :param property_class: :param properties: :return: """ rendered_properties = [] for property_definition in properties: if not isinstance(property_definition, (str, int, float, bool)): record = import_record_properties(property_definition, property_class) rendered_properties.append(property_class(**record)) else: rendered_properties.append(property_definition) return rendered_properties
[docs]def import_non_functions(props, prop_name, top_class, properties, set_to_novalue): """ Function to set property for flat object or recursive to sub properties :param dict props: :param str prop_name: :param top_class: :param dict properties: :param bool set_to_novalue: """ if isinstance(properties[prop_name], AWSHelperFn): props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name] elif isinstance(properties[prop_name], (str, int, float, tuple)) or top_class.props[ prop_name ][0] in ( str, int, float, ): if top_class.props[prop_name][0] in (str, int, float): props[prop_name] = top_class.props[prop_name][0](properties[prop_name]) else: props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name] elif isinstance(properties[prop_name], dict): try: if issubclass(top_class.props[prop_name][0], AWSProperty): sub_props = import_record_properties( properties[prop_name], top_class.props[prop_name][0], set_to_novalue, ignore_missing_required=False, ) props[prop_name] = top_class.props[prop_name][0](**sub_props) else: props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name] except TypeError: props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name]
[docs]def import_record_properties( properties, top_class, set_to_novalue=False, ignore_missing_required=True ): """ Generic function importing the RecordSet properties. If the property was not defined, it is either left empty or set to AWS::NoValue For inner recursive, we enforce check on required properties. :param dict properties: :param top_class: The class we are going to import properties for :param bool set_to_novalue: Instead of skipping the property, actively set to AWS::NoValue :param bool ignore_missing_required: Whether or not raise an error when missing an essential key. :return: The properties for the RecordSet :rtype: dict """ props = {} for prop_name in top_class.props: if not keypresent(prop_name, properties) and not top_class.props[prop_name][1]: continue elif ( not keypresent(prop_name, properties) and top_class.props[prop_name][1] and not ignore_missing_required ): raise KeyError( f"Property {prop_name} is required for the definition of {top_class}" ) elif keyisset(prop_name, properties) and isinstance( top_class.props[prop_name][0], list ): props[prop_name] = handle_list( properties[prop_name], top_class.props[prop_name][0][0] ) elif keypresent(prop_name, properties) and isfunction( top_class.props[prop_name][0] ): props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name] elif keypresent(prop_name, properties) and not isfunction( properties[prop_name] ): import_non_functions( props, prop_name, top_class, properties, set_to_novalue ) elif keypresent(prop_name, properties): props[prop_name] = properties[prop_name] return props