Submodules module define_service_targets ( settings , stack , rule , cluster_arn ) [source]

Function to define the targets for service.

Returns delete_service_from_template ( service ) [source]

Function to delete the ECS Service definition and scaling related resources from the template


service ( tuple ) – events_to_ecs ( resources , services_stack , res_root_stack , settings ) [source]

Function to map services to event rules :param resources: :param services_stack: :param res_root_stack: :param ecs_composex.common.settings.ComposeXSettings settings: :return: module module

Module to define the entry point for AWS Event Rules

class Rule ( name , definition , module_name , settings , mapping_key = None ) [source]

Bases: ecs_composex.common.compose_resources.XResource

Class to define an Event Rule

handle_families_targets_expansion ( service , settings ) [source]

Method to list all families and services that are targets of the resource. Allows to implement family and service level association to resource

set_services_targets ( settings ) [source]

Override method to map services and families targets of the services defined specifically for events TargetStructure: (family, family_wide, services[], access)


settings ( ecs_composex.common.settings.ComposeXSettings ) –


class XStack ( title , settings , ** kwargs ) [source]

Bases: ecs_composex.common.stacks.ComposeXStack

Class to handle events stack validate_service_definition ( service ) [source] module create_events_template ( stack , settings , new_resources ) [source]

Function to create the CFN root template for Events Rules

Parameters define_event_rule ( stack , rule ) [source]

Function to define the EventRule properties


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