ecs_composex.utils package


ecs_composex.utils.init_ecs module

Module to initialize the AWS Account.

ecs_composex.utils.init_ecs. set_ecs_settings ( session ) [source]

Function to set the ECS Account settings

ecs_composex.utils.init_s3 module

ecs_composex.utils.init_s3. create_bucket ( bucket_name , session , no_location = False ) [source]

Function that checks if the S3 bucket exists and if not attempts to create it.

  • bucket_name ( str ) – name of the s3 bucket

  • session ( boto3.session.Session ) – boto3 session to use if wanted to override settings.

  • no_location – Disable location constraint


True/False, Returns whether the bucket exists or not for upload

Return type


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